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Architecture is always something I had admired sort of from afar, until my husband began to work with architects for his company.  Now, I can’t stop looking at the urban landscape around us.  I adore modern architecture the most, but of course marvel at what’s come before it.  And how fun would it be to be able to bring famous buildings into your own home, in 3-D!

I just found Paper Landmarks, a company that produces do-it-yourself kits of architectural landmarks from around the globe.  The kits come either pre-cut or printed so you can score the pieces yourself.  There are three levels of difficulty, and each building, monument, bridge, or ancient landmark is incredibly detailed.  They’re also not too expensive, so you can pick up a couple for yourself and your kids (one to mess up and one to try and not mess up, I say).

Easy level –  

PaperLandmark Empire

Medium diffuculty –  

PaperModel Moulin Rouge

Expert difficulty –  

PaperModel Parthenon

The website has a lot of links to where you can find the kits in the US, including the San Francisco MoMA and PaperModels.net.


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