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                Blogathon 2007 

I was really looking forward to posting about how I would be blogging during Blogathon 2007.  Unfortunately, I found out today that the date for the ‘thon is July 28th, and I will be out of town….instead, this is an important post about what you can do to help other bloggers during this great event.

During the Blogathon, many, probably hundreds, of bloggers will be “posting” on their blogs every 30 minutes for 24 hours (or as long as they can last!)  You can find the list of blogs hereChoose a charity or blog that you support, and sponsor them.  There is a very wide range of charities.  You can either pledge money based on how many posts the bloggers have, or a flat donation.  I’m probably going to do a couple of flat donations…since the news about the Blogathon date just came out today, I’m going to wait a few days to see who has signed up.  However, my charities of choice will most likely be

The American Cancer Society

The National Kidney Foundation

Mazon: A Response to Jewish Hunger

Check back here or Blogathon often, as this is a very popular event!  Find a blog you like to read, a charity you support, and feel proud that you made a difference!


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