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What a dilemma…Etsy is just chock full of Gocco and I couldn’t choose just one designer…here’s a semi-condensed glimpse into what people can create from this little, people-powered machine…


                                mix-tape by heatherjeany


                           Kokeshi card by Blue Snail Papers


                                Hola! by Juniper Berry

                          Two Bikes

                                  Two Bikes by Supastarr

                       Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzBuzz Buzz

                                WhatZ BuZzzZzzing by nsquare


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Meet Gocco


Here’s the best pic I could find of a Gocco system.  It’s tough to see all the parts up close, but you can get a good idea…basically, Gocco is a silkscreen/stamper combo.  You create an image on a screen, then impress it onto the machine and make multiple prints by pressing down on it.  I’ll keep looking for visuals, but for now, heeeeeeere’s Gocco!

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                    Bubbledog Gocco Trees

When I started this blog, I thought letterpress printing was the only way to produce original, beautiful designs on paper (ok, screening is pretty cool too).  Then I found Gocco – sounds like the name of a large lizard, no?  Gocco is actually an amazing, compact, totally self contained full color printing system invented in Japan by Noboru Hayama in 1977.  Gocco really gives prints a handmade look.  Having been popular in Japan for many years, Gocco fever is now spreading among crafters in the US – just as Gocco was beginning to be discontinued overseas!  The “Save Gocco” campaign has done just that, and now anyone can buy Gocco products and begin printing.  The system is a bit pricey (about $400 for a starter kit), but if you consider how much letterpresses cost (much more), you might find it’s worth looking into.

This week I’ll be highlighting Gocco papermakers and the wonderful world of Gocco!  The notecards you see here are from Bubbledog, and they really show how vibrant Gocco prints can be.  Check out Bubbledog’s Etsy page or her website.

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